Grading the Los Angeles Valiant's first Overwatch League season: Stage 2

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Grading the Los Angeles Valiant's first Overwatch League season: Stage 2

Season 1

Grading the Los Angeles Valiant's first Overwatch League season: Stage 2

The Los Angeles Valiant ended their season earlier than they would have liked, but for a first-year team in a first-year league, the team excelled in many areas. Stage 2 for the Valiant, however, was a different story as the team struggled with hardships that ultimately made them a better team for the rest of the season.

A strong, but frustrating, Stage 1 put the Valiant on the map, but the team slipped up in their next five weeks of play. The solid foundation of opening the season so well crumbled a bit in a Stage 2 that was not kind to the Valiant.

With this in mind, here’s how we’ve graded the Valiant’s Stage 2 performance.

Stage 2 regular season: C

After coming off a 7-3 first stage, many thought the Valiant would continue to hit their stride in Stage 2. However, the Valiant stumbled out of the gate with a 4-0 loss to the Seoul Dynasty, putting them on their back foot immediately.

The Valiant, to their credit, won four of their next five games in a rebound, but all of their victories in the stage were against teams equal to them or below them in the standings. The stage was highlighted by their 4-0 losses to both the New York Excelsior and Los Angeles Gladiators, and by five map losses to the Philadelphia Fusion and Boston Uprising.

Off-stage troubles also swirled around the Valiant, as the team struggled to mesh well with one another in high-pressure situations due to mismanagement. The blunders made, however, seemed to be resolved for the later stages to come.

Stage 2 playoffs: N/A

The Valiant finished eighth in the Overwatch League Stage 2 standings, putting them far out of stage playoff contention. Missing the playoffs twice, was quite the blow for the Valiant, but this one was deserved for their 4-6 record in Stage 2 with a minus-five map differential.

Overall: C-

Los Angeles beat the bottom level teams in Stage 2, but did not come close to touching the league’s giants after putting on a show in the first stage. Plus, the team’s mismanagement that caused internal issues among players did not help the team’s struggles in a tough stage. Stage 2 was, for sure, the Valiant’s lowest point in their first season.


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