Grading the Los Angeles Valiant's first Overwatch League season: Stage 3

Grading the Los Angeles Valiant's first Overwatch League season: Stage 3

Season 1

Grading the Los Angeles Valiant's first Overwatch League season: Stage 3

The first half of the Los Angeles Valiant’s first Overwatch League season had its ups and downs. The team came close to making the stage playoffs in Stage 1, but then internal troubles and miscommunications caused the team to stumble to their lowest point in Stage 2.

With 10 weeks of Overwatch behind them, the Valiant started to turn the corner in Stage 3, as they put up another solid stage to finally make the postseason.

Keeping this in mind, here’s how we’ve graded the Valiant’s Stage 3 performance.

Stage 3 regular season: B+

The Valiant started off Stage 3 with three separate 4-0 sweeps to assert their dominance at the top of the league. Los Angeles also showed off their newest roster changes, as they added Scott “Custa” Kennedy in on support while Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson, Kang-jae “envy” Lee, and Ted “silkthread” Wang were either released from the team or traded to another Overwatch League team.

The new addition of Custa and the roster removals helped the Valiant turn the page on their season, as their major statement wins came in their five-map bouts between the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Philadelphia Fusion. The Valiant did lose a handful of matches in Stage 3, but overall came away with another 7-3 record that got them into the stage playoffs for the first time.

Stage 3 playoffs: C+

The Valiant were the third seed in the Stage 3 playoffs, meaning they had the honor of facing the New York Excelsior in order to get into the title match. Los Angeles was swept 3-0 in the match against New York, a bit of a disappointing end to another strong stage, but the Excelsior were above and beyond any team in Stage 3.

New York also obliterated Boston 3-0 in the title match, so beating the Excelsior was always going to be a tough go considering how strong they were.

Overall: B

Going to their first stage playoff didn’t go the way the Valiant likely planned, but the team no doubt turned a corner with their new roster additions and new game plan that would prove effective come Stage 4.


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