Grading the Los Angeles Valiant's first Overwatch League season: Stage 4

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Grading the Los Angeles Valiant's first Overwatch League season: Stage 4

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Grading the Los Angeles Valiant's first Overwatch League season: Stage 4

For the first three stages of the Overwatch League, the Los Angeles Valiant had some of their best moments as a team, and some of their worst. From barely missing the stage playoffs to falling apart after a strong opener to making the stage playoffs and disappointing, the Valiant’s opening season nearly had it all.

Stage 4, however, was when all the hard work the Valiant put in finally paid off with their first ever Overwatch League stage title.

With this in mind, here’s how we graded the Valiant’s final stage of the regular season.

Stage 4 regular season: A-

The Valiant were, by far, their best selves in Stage 4. Not only were they playing the meta to their best, their teamwork, communication, and game-sense were the best they had ever been. Plays from their DPS players, or even their tank players, were making highlight reels left and right, and the team was peaking at just the right time.

Wins over the Gladiators and Excelsior in the third week showed just how far the Valiant had come from the first stage, as Los Angeles had finally put their name into the conversation as one of the league’s best. Though the Valiant weren’t the first seed of the stage thanks to a late loss to the surging Dallas Fuel, the team went 9-1 in Stage 4 for a very impressive showing.

Stage 3 playoffs: A

The Valiant needed to take the Gladiators to five maps to face the Excelsior for the title, but the Battle for LA didn’t disappoint once more in the playoffs. Los Angeles had to pull out everything they had in order to take down the Gladiators, and they were able to get through in a five map thriller.

Facing down the Excelsior once more in the playoffs, the Valiant came away victorious with a 3-1 victory and the Stage 4 title to show for their hard work.

Overall: A

A Stage 4 title was rightfully earned by the Valiant, as they were no doubt the best team in the final stage of the Overwatch League regular season. When things clicked for the Valiant, they were unbeatable, and all the pieces came together for them in Stage 4 to cap off a wild regular season.


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