Los Angeles Valiant inaugural season superlatives: DPS edition

Los Angeles Valiant inaugural season superlatives: DPS edition

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Los Angeles Valiant inaugural season superlatives: DPS edition

With the first official Overwatch League season far in the rearview mirror now, the lull of the offseason has truly set in. Sure, the upcoming Overwatch World Cup and the All-Star weekend will have good moments, but the Valiant are on a much-needed break for the foreseeable future.

As we have done over the past few weeks, we’ve taken a look back at how well the Valiant performed over the season. In our latest series, we’ve decided to have a bit of fun with our analysis, by giving out awards to each individual player on the Valiant’s final, playing roster.

In the first part of our series, we’re going to take a look at the Valiant’s DPS players and see what parts of their games we can highlight after a long season.

Most Improved: Brady “Agilities” Girardi

Agilities, coming into the season, certainly had the talent to make the Valiant’s roster week after week. However, after underperforming on stage, Agilities spent time on the bench and was nearly taken off the starting roster for good in Stage 2.

Since then, Agilities has been one of the major players of the Valiant’s starting roster. Los Angeles found their footing in Stage 3, and turned that momentum into a Stage 4 title win, which certainly would not have happened had the Valiant cut Agilities out entirely.

This turnaround is why we’ve crowned Agilities with the title “Most Improved” as the DPS player turned his season around and showcased his talent for the world to see.

Most Clutch Player:┬áTerence “SoOn” Tarlier

Whenever the Valiant seemed to be in a pickle, SoOn was often the one on the team to make the big-time play in a much-needed moment. Though SoOn often shared the duties of making those clutch plays with Agilities just by the nature of their DPS roles, SoOn was making the difference on pushes with his Widowmaker play nearly every map the Valiant were playing on.

Widowmaker’s presence in the Overwatch League meta made her a nearly-essential pick for almost every high-level team during the season, and SoOn’s high level play with the sniper character was a major reason for the team’s overall success.

Thanks to his skills on the Widowmaker, and his signature hero Tracer, we’ve crowned SoOn as the team’s most clutch player thanks to his ability to turn up in the biggest of moments.


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